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Jeremy Piven and Robert Carlyle Star in The Performance

The Performance Jeremy Piven stars in The Performance, an adaptation of the Arthur Miller short story that sees his talented dance troupe scouted by a German attache during their European tour and invited to Berlin for one show – for Adolf Hitler. Piven, who also directed the film, spoke to FRED Film Radio about the relevance of Arthur Miller’s work today and how far he was willing to go for the role.

Jeremy Piven’s Theatrical Triumphs: A Spotlight on His Stage Career

CANNES, France – Producers of pre-World War II drama The Performance have released new stills ahead of the film’s offering this week on the Cannes market. Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Smokin’ Aces) and Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting) star as a second-generation Jewish American dancer and his troupe. Adapted by Piven and Josh Salzberg from a short story by Arthur Miller, the picture stars Maimie McCoy, Adam Garcia, Lara Wolf, and Jared Grimes. Daniel Finkelman and Jenny Shakeshaft produce.

Jeremy Piven stars in the film as Harold May, an accomplished American tap dancer who is nearly broke after years of hard work. His dance troupe is scouted while on a Europe tour by a German attache, who offers them an irresistible sum to perform in Berlin for Adolf Hitler. But the troupe doesn’t know if he can keep his promise.