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The TripAdvisor List of the World’s Best Hotels

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From harbor-front Hong Kong glam to old-school European luxury, the world’s most perfect hotels run the gamut. Some are centuries old, others only recently opened their doors, and still others are exemplars of bleeding-edge design or reassuringly retro. They might be urbane city center hideaways or remote country estates, but they all have one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to delivering the finest hospitality experience possible.

The debut list of the world’s best top hotels to visit, as ranked by TripAdvisor, was revealed this week at a live ceremony in London. The top spot was taken by Passalacqua, a boutique hotel that only opened last summer on the shores of Lake Como. It was designed with breezy Italian relaxation firmly in mind, from the open kitchen to the seven acres of terraced gardens.

Luxury Redefined: Discovering the Top Hotels to Visit for Unforgettable Experiences

Six other European hotels made the cut, including the Parisian Palace Hotel de Crillon (ranked 50th). Its historic architectural details are seamlessly blended with a quietly confident display of modern interior design grandeur.

Other standouts include the swanky New York City property The Plaza, which has been wowing celebrities and well-heeled travelers since 1907. Its one-of-a-kind rooms and suites range from a 23-foot exposed brick turret ceiling to a Fitzgerald Suite King, designed as a tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Outside of two New York City entries, the Aman and Equinox, none of the US hotels that made the cut were part of a big-name chain. However, independent hotels far outperformed branded entities; Marriott and Hilton took home zero nods, while the smaller Maybourne Hotel Group and Oetker Collection each claimed three.