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Aqua life is an expert water purifying company that treasures water as it does life and puts customer satisfaction as its central management principle. Aqua life provides customers with a variety of value, convenience and wellness products including water purifiers and bidets.

Aquatic biodiversity is vitally important to humankind for a number of reasons, namely the provisioning of food, medicines, energy shelter and raw materials used in daily life. Additionally, aquatic species contribute to environmental stability and balance through the natural process of nutrient cycling. However, threats to aquatic biodiversity are numerous and widespread, such as urban development and resource-based industries that destroy or reduce natural habitats, air and water pollution, sedimentation and erosion, and climate change. Find out more

From Fins to Limbs: Exploring the Tetrapod Status of Sharks

Marine plants, invertebrates and vertebrates are some of the most abused animals on the planet. They are often overlooked and excluded from animal welfare policies and from the respect, compassion and empathy of the general public. Yet, they are responsible for producing 70 – 80 percent of the oxygen on Earth and are crucial to aquatic ecosystems.

Despite their importance, aquatic plants are under threat worldwide because they are exploited by humans for many different reasons: including for biofuels, as animal feed and to supply aquariums. The oceans are also heavily impacted by unsustainable and destructive fishing practices, aquarium trade, coral reef degradation, whaling and shark finning and the capture of other wild marine animals for meat sales, skins, body parts and for research (whaling).

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