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Loudoun Smile Center is a full-service family and cosmetic dentistry office that serves clients in the Ashburn area. The team of dental professionals uses modern equipment and techniques to create beautiful smiles. They can restore damaged teeth with dental fillings, crowns and bridges. They can also provide root canals, dental implants, tooth whitening and other restorative procedures. The staff aims to provide a comfortable atmosphere while performing these services. Ashburn dentist can also assist with emergency dentistry involving mouth or tooth trauma, and missing or broken fillings, veneers or crowns.

What is the most common dentist?

First Impression Dental has been providing oral and dental health care to patients in the Ashburn area since 2012. It provides a relaxed environment with blankets, noise-cancelling headphones and even a canine companion. Its services include general cleaning and exams, dental implants, remineralization treatments and sleep apnea appliances. It also offers composite bonding, whitening and porcelain veneers.

Aman Sabharwal has over five years of experience in dentistry and is a member of the American Dental Association, Northern Virginia Dental Society and the Virginia Dental Association. He earned his BS in computer science from Virginia Tech before finding his passion in dentistry. He enjoys using his skills to help his patients improve their overall quality of life.

Dr. Liz Ramsey-Reeves has a passion for healthcare and strives to connect with her patients on a personal level. Her practice focuses on holistic and naturopathic dental treatment, which includes analyzing the whole body to find underlying issues that can cause problems with the mouth and jaw.

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