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While a complete golf sets can go the a la carte route and purchase clubs one by one, it makes more sense to jump on a complete set to get started. That’s because a complete set is less expensive than purchasing a club a la carte and it provides the golfer with the opportunity to try out different heads, shafts and grips to determine what works best for their swing.

The SGI RBZ Speedlite Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Set is one of the most affordable complete sets you can find for beginners and offers the opportunity to customize the set to match the golfer’s needs with graphite or steel shaft options and the option to add or remove an inch to the club lengths. It’s also a lightweight set that’s easy to launch and extremely forgiving, which is perfect for beginner golfers.

Par Excellence: Finding the Perfect Complete Golf Set for Your Game

Another top choice is the Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Set which is ideal for beginning golfers looking to improve their game right out of the box. This set features a lightweight 460cc forged driver with an oversized sweet spot for optimal distance off the tee and a three-wood that has a more forgiving design for long approach shots. The set also includes a putter that is easier to hit for beginner golfers and a cart bag to keep all the clubs in.

The Reva women’s package set is another great choice for beginner golfers who want a high-quality set that looks as good as it performs. This set comes with a driver, 3 and 5 woods, a 7-iron through pitching wedge as well as a putter and a cart bag. The driver has a larger sweet spot that looks like a target to aim at and the woods have an offset design with an oversized center of gravity to improve mishits. This set is also available in a variety of color options and is a fraction of the price of other women’s complete sets on this list.

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