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LVL Music Academy

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If you’re in search of a good music academy in Singapore, you might want to consider LVL Music Academy. The academy is comprised of a team of professional music teachers who provide top-notch music lessons for students. These lessons are offered both at their music studio and in your own home. Students may choose to take lessons in violin, viola, piano, or flute. You can also buy or rent instruments at the academy. Find out –

High Quality Musical Education

LVL Music Academy welcomes students as young as six months old, with music classes for kids that encourage expression through play. Classes include early childhood music, a piano primer for preschoolers, and group piano lessons for young beginners. Students can also participate in musical theatre or songwriting classes. There are individual piano lessons and guitar lessons available for people of all ages. Some classes are conducted in English, while others are in Mandarin.

LVL Music Academy’s music programs are designed to cater to the needs of the aspiring musician. Students can take piano lessons in Singapore, violin lessons, guitar, saxophone, ukulele, and other instruments. The singing programmes are beneficial to budding singers as well. The school has the perfect atmosphere to foster a love of music in students. With all these options, LVL Music Academy is an excellent choice for your musical education.

The program aims to foster the passion and technical proficiency of kids. Besides traditional violin lessons, Belcanto Violin Studio offers musical instruments for kids and adults at various levels. Each class is limited to eight students to ensure a high level of interaction and learning. Besides offering string instruments, Belcanto Violin Studio also has a special program for babies that emphasizes social and emotional development.