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Certified Staircases UK

The stairs are an important part of a property and are often the first thing visitors see. It is therefore vital to ensure they comply with building regulations and meet safety requirements. Whether you are planning a new build property or replacing stairs on a refurbishment project, it is essential to adhere to the building regulations that govern staircase construction.

Certified Staircases UK must be constructed to meet a variety of standards and criteria, including the dimensions, headroom on landing, and stair pitch. They must also be free from trip hazards such as nosing overhang and be fitted with a continuous handrail. For new build properties, the staircase must meet Approved Document K, which stipulates the precise measurements, clearances, and ratios required for safe stair construction.

Behind the Scenes: The Manufacturing Process of Certified Staircases UK

When choosing a bespoke wooden staircase, you must choose a manufacturer that follows best practice and complies with all necessary guidelines. This is to avoid expensive reworking on-site and ensure that you deliver the highest quality of product. The best manufacturers will have a CAD drawing service that can provide detailed information and help with the design process.

A reputable staircase supplier will offer timely deliveries aligned with the project timeline. This will eliminate storage expenses and prevent unforeseen costs associated with late deliveries. This will also enable you to complete your project on time and within budget, which is crucial for maximizing efficiency on site. The staircases offered by Certified Staircases UK are designed and built with compliance with BS EN 13374:2013 in mind. This ensures that the timber used is fully compliant with fire characteristics, and the steelwork is also conforming to BS EN 1090:2008 (Eurocode 5).

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