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Commercial shop front doors are an essential component of any business, they allow natural light to flow into the building and give customers clear visibility making the store inviting and recognizable. These doors are also able to offer security and are designed with ADA accessibility requirements in mind. But which type of door is the best for your storefront? There are three main types of commercial door to choose from; aluminum (storefront doors), hollow metal, or solid core wood.

A storefront door is an outswing exterior entrance door that utilizes a top and bottom pivot hinge. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your business needs. A standard storefront door will use 1/4 inch tempered clear glass. Tempered glass is safer than annealed glass as it will break into small pieces rather than large shards. Insulated glass is also a popular option as it will help your business retain its temperature.

Securing Success: The Role of Commercial Shop Front Doors in Business Operations

Storefront doors can be manufactured to your exact opening size, please contact us for pricing. We will need the rough opening measurement of your existing frame which can be a wood frame, metal studs, masonry, CMU, or block wall.

Storefront doors are generally hung on an offset pivot which is a high quality bearing designed for commercial usage. These are typically made of A380 diecast aluminum alloy and case-hardened. These are more durable than traditional ball bearing hinges used in residential homes.

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