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electric fence kit

An electric fence kit contains all the essential items needed to install and operate a temporary electric fence. It includes wires, a portable battery-operated energizer and everything else you need to ward off rabbits, deer, groundhogs, raccoons, dogs and other nuisance animals from your garden or landscaping. This do-it-yourself electric fence kit provides an easy and affordable way to protect new plantings and your backyard or vegetable garden from meddling invaders.

The kit also has a solar powered energizer so that you can avoid running out of power during the day. A low impedance design allows the Energizer to provide continuous powerful shocks even when wet weeds or thick brush grow on it. It features a high visibility digital performance meter with simple on/off switch and color-coded controls.

On-the-Go Security: The Ultimate Guide to Portable Electric Fences for Outdoor Enthusiasts

These kits are ideal for residential applications such as gardening, livestock containment or predator control on smaller properties. They are designed to be used with polywire or polyrope fences, which have stainless steel strands woven within the wire for better conductivity and safety. A higher joule output is not required for these purposes because a stronger shock may harm or kill small animals such as pet chickens or baby goats.

For larger properties or a longer fence, we recommend

Electric Fence Kit

items needed for your project individually. CYCLOPS Fence Chargers have the best lightning protection and modularity of any energizer on the market so that you can upgrade or replace components as needed.

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