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Summer Lounge Clothes

Whether you’re working from home or vacationing at a relaxing beach resort, summer is the season for soft and easy clothes. A new crop of elevated summer lounge outfits makes it easy to transition between laid-back days at home and relaxed-chic evenings out and about.

For Summer Lounge Clothes, look to lightweight fabrics like cotton and Tencel, which are both breathable and soft against the skin. They are a good choice for both tops and bottoms. You can also make a light loungewear set out of rayon, which is both natural and synthetic. Rayon, made from processed plant-based cellulose, has a little bit of the feel of silk but is much more affordable. Rayon challis and bamboo muslin are both great choices for summer loungewear, and they sew up beautifully.

Breezy Bliss: Stay Cool and Comfortable with Summer Lounge Clothes

If you want to keep your summer loungewear set looking fresh, try adding a few accessories that will elevate it from day to night. For example, a cute straw bag and double-bridge sunglasses can take your striped PJs from chill-day to date-night chic.

If you’re craving a more sophisticated look for your summer loungewear, turn to LA-based label Leset. Their sophisticated range of loungewear and sleepwear offers co-ords with a sleek silhouette. They are ideal for women who prefer to mix and match their loungewear, with a change of accessories making it easy to switch between casual and formal looks.

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