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It’s not uncommon for your glasses, mirrors or windows to get a few scratches or scuffs over time. The good news is that most of these are very shallow and can be repaired with a few common household items. However, it’s important to know that these methods work only on surface scratches or scuffs. Deeper scratches may require professional glass repair or replacement. Click here

Can scratches be removed from glass?

To begin your scratch repair, clean the glass surface. A damp cloth works well, but make sure you don’t introduce any dirt into the scratched area. A fine steel wool pad is also a great option for very shallow scratches, but only use a fresh one. A dull pad can further damage the glass. Gently buff the scuffed area with the pad, periodically checking to see how the scratch has been affected. Rinse the glass when you’re done.

Another very effective way to remove light scratches is with metal polish. A product like Brasso multi-purpose metal polish can be purchased in most hardware stores or online. Apply the polish to a soft cleaning rag or cotton ball, and rub it into the scratched surface. Apply a small amount of polish at first, and then add more as needed. You can also try using this on a felt wheel or rotary polisher.

Before you choose a company to do your Glass Scratch Repair, ask how long they’ve been in business and what their track record is. It’s one thing to go through a few days of training, but it’s quite another to have years of in-the-field experience. Ask your chosen company to provide samples of their work from all angles and lighting conditions. This will help you see their level of expertise and quality of workmanship.

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