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Many people who go to rehab have hit rock bottom – their substance abuse is affecting the relationships in their lives and they’ve tried to quit unsuccessfully. In addition, some people will have a job and family responsibilities that they cannot neglect during a treatment program. For these reasons, it is important to make arrangements with work and/or the family before beginning your recovery journey. Some employers may be willing to let you take a leave of absence, others will support you by offering to pay you a portion of your salary while you are in treatment. Resource:

The type of rehab facility you choose will depend on your finances, the severity of your addiction, and the amount of time you can commit to treatment. Inpatient facilities are generally the most expensive, but they provide a safe environment and 24/7 access to medical care and mental health professionals. Some inpatient facilities have zero-tolerance policies and enforce rules like strict visiting hours, random drug testing, and a mandatory curfew.

Relapse Prevention Strategies: Building a Strong Foundation for Recovery

Those who have limited financial resources can seek out public insurance options such as Medicaid, Medicare, or coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace (under the Affordable Care Act/ACA, also known as Obamacare). These programs typically cover the cost of addiction treatment and often have lower deductibles and co-payments than private insurance. However, the type of treatment covered varies by state and policy. Those who have private insurance should check their specific coverage, as it can vary significantly.

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