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Defender classic is one of the most iconic SUVs ever produced. It’s built to withstand rugged conditions and has been the go-to vehicle for adventurers around the world since it was introduced in 1948.

Are defenders expensive to run?

As you’d expect from the name, this set is a faithful recreation of the iconic model. It features a sage green body and white roof that can be constructed in two ways. You can build a standard road-going Defender or add extra gear to make it suitable for off-roading.

Aside from the fact that this set is based on an authentic Defender, it also includes a range of realistic parts such as rock rails, a winch, and an adjustable front bumper. It comes with two engines and three hoods to choose from so you can build it to your liking.

It can also be customised to have an electric supercharger and a mild hybrid system, something that isn’t usually available in any other vehicle from the 1970s.

This model has a modern, double-DIN head unit that can be fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a more modern feel. It also has a Chevrolet console shifter, a heated windshield and rearview camera.

Walton Motors, a UK-based Defender dealership, has seen an increased interest in the defender classic among Americans. The appeal is largely due to the classic model’s off-road capabilities and unique style.

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