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Secondary Window Glazing is an easy and relatively cheap way to improve the energy efficiency and noise reduction of your existing windows. It is particularly useful if you live in an older property with poor uPVC double glazing or in a Conservation Area where installing new windows might be problematic.

Unlike double glazing which involves replacing the whole window frame, secondary glazing adds an extra glass panel on the inside of your existing window and can be permanent or temporary. The gap between the two panes acts as an insulator and reduces heat loss, draughts and external noise. It also disperses sound more effectively as the differing thickness of the two panels disrupts the frequency range of sound waves.

The thermal isolation properties of secondary glazing help to keep the cold out and the warm in, saving you money on your heating bills. It also helps to improve the u-value of your property and reduce condensation and mould.

Secondary Window Glazing: The Path to Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

KJM manufactures a number of different systems to suit most situations and to fit with many styles of existing window. They are made in England from strong lightweight aluminium that can be face fixed or reveal fixed to the existing window and come with a choice of sub-frames in MDF, Luan or Tulip (pale hardwood). They are all designed to allow an optimum gap to be created to reduce heat loss and noise penetration, with the secondary windows themselves being manufactured from Stadip Silence laminated glass – a product that features a unique acoustic interlayer which prevents vibration.

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