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There was a time when I had to sell my house fast OKC. Not long ago, all my neighbors were selling houses and I was like, “Who is this guy? All these homes are for real estate investors and millionaires!” The guy who sold me the house was older and that was it.

Sell My House Fast Okc An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

There was a real estate investor from Texas that came to sell his house and bought it for one million dollars. I was told by my realtor that we could make a fair cash offer of two million dollars for the house. Of course, nobody in their right mind would pay cash for something like this and it took about three days before we agreed to sell it to him. It was really weird having people propose a fair cash offer and then all of a sudden the bidding just stopped.

Two months later, the bidding has started again and this time I got to bid four days ago. Now that is what I call business, getting out while you can and all I have to say about the whole process is, “Yeh, I will have to see what they are willing to do.” Apparently they will buy your home from you and then offer you a fair market price and if you accept they will give you a check for the full purchase price plus buyer’s fees in about a week or less. That is how buying houses in Oklahoma works and it will work in your case too if you are persistent. If I were you, I would give that agent a call and see what kind of deal they can come up with for buying your home.

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