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Known for their forgiving design, Taylormade irons are suitable for all golfers, from beginners to experts. The company’s research and development team has been designing clubs since 1979. Their products are durable and retain their appearance over time. Their new tungsten construction allows for better ball flight and higher forgiveness.

Is TaylorMade stealth worth it?

The Taylormade Golf M4 iron features a hollow Speed Pocket that offers more speed and flexibility for low-face impacts. It also has a big sweet spot that helps increase forgiveness. These irons have a fair asking price and provide excellent value for money.

Taylormade golf irons are made of polyester and tungsten. These irons also feature a thin top line that attracts better players. They are also known for their Rock Solid feel. Read the review here

Taylormade M2 Gloire irons offer great forgiveness and control. They are also equipped with RIBCOR HT technology. The RIBCOR technology increases the coefficient of restitution across the expanded area, which encourages a fast release of the golf ball off the clubface. This gives the golfer a greater chance of scoring.

The Taylormade Golf SIM2 MAX irons are affordable and offer a flexible club face. They also feature a hollow Speed Pocket and Inverted Cone technology. These irons are ideal for high handicap players.

Taylormade Irons also feature ECHO Sound Dampening technology. It reduces vibration and noise to improve the feel of the club. This technology is also great for beginners and high handicap players. The sound is crisp at impact and the dampening helps to drown out mishits.

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