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womens workout gear

A good womens workout gear requires more than just a pair of shoes and some gym shorts—you need the right attire to get you through the sweaty, sweaty workout. Whether you’re looking for the perfect yoga pants that won’t ride up on every lunge, or an energizing crop tank that’ll turn heads, the best womens workout gear will be able to move with you and provide the support you need to stay motivated. And luckily, there are tons of options available to suit every budget, style and activity level.

A splurge on the right clothes can give you an extra boost of motivation and keep you feeling like a badass even during a tough workout. For Brooks, her go-to workout outfit includes a boldly patterned, high-waisted FP Movement top, which she pairs with a pair of black leggings and sneakers. It’s the kind of statement piece that she knows will help her feel confident as she tackles a new running workout or heads to the studio for a yoga class.

Maximize Your Performance: Top Picks for Women’s Workout Gear to Enhance Your Fitness Journey

Other brands that offer affordable workout gear include Lululemon, which offers flattering silhouettes and buttery-soft fabrics for a wide range of sizes. A favorite of Stokes, this brand’s yoga pants have held up well through her many sessions in the studio. And, for a more laid-back approach to fitness, Girlfriend Collective offers yoga pants that are comfortable and stylish enough for the street, as well as a variety of other sportswear basics for both men and women.

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